November 7, 2023

Today is the official release date for Bedlam & Belfry, Intergalactic Attorneys at Law: The 3rd Dozen!

The ebook can be purchased right now at Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Kobo, Apple, and of course, Amazon. If you want a physical copy, Amazon is your best bet since the chances are slim that you'll find it in your local bookstore. (When was the last time you visited your local bookstore, anyway?)

Plus! Did I mention that, in an age when a 300 page physical book is expected to go for $24.99, this one is only $14.99? It's priced to move! And the ebook is just $6.99! How can we afford these low, low prices? We can't afford not to, frankly. Hundreds of new books are published every month, and in order to get your attention, that's what it takes.

There's also an audiobook on the way, but it won't be here for a while. (Of course, there are already audiobooks of The 1st Dozen & The 2nd Dozen, so if you've fallen behind and want to catch up before the third one gets here, I won't stop you...)

October 13, 2023

Keith Giffen passed away recently. I don't claim to have known him, but I know a lot about him, and I put those thoughts down here.

July 17, 2023

Here's a plug for something that I didn't do!

Little did I know when I visited Bob Burns' house years ago that taking pictures of movie serial comic book costumes would one day pay off! That's right, kids, Cap's costume was grey in real life!

Check out the preview here.

June 14, 2023

I have very few pieces of original art, but when it was announced that John Romita would be doing tipped-in headshots for the hardcover version of John Romita... And All That Jazz, (52 in total, A through Z and AA through ZZ), I noticed that Wolverine was listed as one of the characters and took the plunge. (TT means it was far down the second list.)

While other people snatched up Spider-Man (obviously), Peter Parker, Mary Jane, Gwen Stacy, Green Goblin, etc., I was happy to get my favorite character by his designer. If it wasn't as-is, I would've asked for him to draw Wolverine in his original mask, but I couldn't complain about the result. And in pencils, too!

R.I.P. John Romita, the artist who took Amazing Spider-Man from Marvel's number two book to number one. 93 years old isn't too shabby. And he was productive for most of it!

April 13, 2023

Thanks to the Unofficial Hugo Book Club for its support!

April 11, 2023

Cora Buhlert won the Hugo Award in 2022 for Best Fan Writer. I was happy to answer some questions for her about my Dave Cockrum biography, if for no other reason than I finally got the opportunity to tell about the time Dave Cockrum found a dead body!

Can you believe I left that out of The Life and Art of Dave Cockrum?

Click the pic to take you there!

(Photo by Eliot R. Brown.)

April 5, 2023

It can finally be announced: the May 2024 issue of Alter Ego (on sale in April) will feature a cover story about Edmond Hamilton, written by yours truly!

The article was originally written back in 2020, when people were hunkering in place during COVID lockdowns. In fact, it's so long that, outside of the regular features of Alter Ego (FCA, Comics Crypt, the letters column, and Roy's editorial), I've been told it will take up the entire issue. The endnotes alone are the length of a small article -- and if you've read my Dave Cockrum bio, then you know I love lots of endnotes!

Here are ten things you probably didn't know about Edmond Hamilton:

1)   He was arguably the most successful author of the Golden Age of science fiction. He was the first writer to have a collection of short stories published -- in hardcover, no less!

2)   He was so prolific that sometimes two stories by him would appear in the same pulp magazine, forcing the use of a pseudonym.

3)   Isaac Asimov grew up reading his work, and said that Hamilton was his favorite author.

4)   A young Ray Bradbury would bring him his stories to read, pre-publication, for his approval.

5)   An even younger Jerry Siegel -- long before Superman -- wrote him fan letters.

6)   He was the first client of the Solar Sales Service, a literary agency founded by Mort Weisinger and Julius Schwartz.

7)   He wrote almost all the Captain Future novels, years before he wrote comic books.

8)   He co-created Batwoman.

9)   He's credited with inventing the spacesuit.

10)   Ray Bradbury was the best man at his wedding to Leigh Brackett.

Today, Edmond Hamilton is best remembered for his comic book work, specifically "The Legion of Super-Heroes." In that capacity, he was the writer of record for numerous Legionnaires (Light Lass, Element Lad, and Timber Wolf among them), as well as the entire Legion of Substitute Heroes and the Heroes of Lallor. He wrote the first team-up of Superman and Batman in comics, and had a hand in the creation of the sci-fi characters Space Ranger and Chris KL-99.

Thanks to reprint collections, a lot of his comic book work is still kept in print. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for his prose science fiction, but getting people talking about him again might change some of that.

March 29, 2023

Lately, The Life and Art of Dave Cockrum has been lucky enough to receive some nice words from people who know a thing or two about comics. Here's what they've been saying:

"Reading about an old friend today. Dave Cockrum was one of the most under appreciated forces in comics, even though much beloved as an artist. His behind the scenes work as a costume designer and cover sketcher had massive effects on Marvel, and influence far beyond the specific work he created. Consider checking out his life in this recent well-researched book."

Paul Levitz

"Just finished reading the book, The Life and Art of Dave Cockrum, by Glen Cadigan, published by TwoMorrows Publishing. Dave was not only a phenomenal artist and designer, but a friend from long before he became a pro. Along with so many great characters, Dave designed most of the X-Men characters you love (Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, and many others). He also designed The Black Cat, one of my characters. How great was his design? Over 40 years later, you'll find scores of fans still cosplaying her at conventions across the globe. Dave's story is both fascinating and heart-breaking, and one all comic fans should read. The book is filled with great art and the writing will draw you in. Give it a try."

Marv Wolfman

"Such a great book. A true joy to read as it adds insight to one of my all time favorite artists!"

Dan Jurgens

"I enjoyed this book thoroughly. If you're at all a fan of the late Dave Cockrum's work, it's a must-read."

Mark Waid

Not too shabby, huh? The book is still available in stores, online and off, for all you procrastinators out there!

February 10, 2023

The real life, true story of the first time I was published anywhere, by anyone, is now revealed!

Just click on the cover above to read my secret origin!

January 16, 2023

Now that 2022 exists only in the past tense, I feel it's appropriate to look back and recap the year that got us here.

I had two books come out in 2022, one non-fiction, one fiction. The Life and Art of Dave Cockrum fits into the former category, whereas Tall Tales, Fairy Tales, and Bedtime Stories (For Former Children) fits into the latter.

There was also an article in Back Issue! # 140, plus a story in the anthology, The Fans are Buried, edited by Peter and Kathleen David.

I sold some Bedlam & Belfry t-shirts...

And I also pulled the trigger on four (4!) audiobooks, which includes both Bedlam & Belfry collections, plus Tall Tales and Top of the World.

That's a lot of new product to put out in one year, and I can promise you right now that 2023 won't be as busy. There's definitely one thing that I can't talk about yet, and another (smaller) thing won't be out until next year. More details will be released as we get closer to the official announcements!

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