April 18, 2024

More Tall Tales, Fairy Tales, and Bedtime Stories (For Former Children) is now available at all the usual retailers! It goes for $11.99 US in paperback and $4.99 US for digital, with an audiobook on the way. If you liked its predecessor, you should enjoy this one. Don't believe me? Mistrustful by nature? Then just check out the free preview on its for sale page to find out for yourself!

April 17, 2024

If you enjoyed my biography of Edmond Hamilton in the most recent issue of Alter Ego, you might want to check out my latest Substack: it features bonus material that didn't make it into the issue, including over 100 year old newspaper clippings and photos of the Legion of Super-Heroes author when he was just a teen!

April 15, 2024

This was supposed to be the week that Alter Ego # 187 was released, but apparently the boat from China arrived early because it's been in stores for two weeks now. Here's what people have been saying about it:

"This was my favorite issue of Alter Ego in quite a while. I really loved the insight into the Edmond Hamilton-Leigh Brackett relationship, both personal and professional."

Cliff Biggers, co-founder of Comic Shop News

"Our Highest Recommendation.... This special feature on Hamilton, written by Glen Cadigan, is a real departure for AE. While Hamilton became a very important writer for DC Comics in the late 1940s, into the 50s and 60s... he was already a famous sci-fi writer before editor Julius Schwartz and Mort Weisinger... lured him from low-paying pulp writing to better paying comics writing!! It's a fascinating story, that harks back to the 1930s and the origins of SF writing in general. And it's gorgeously illustrated with pulp covers, book covers, and comic book splash pages all featuring the work of Edmond Hamilton."

Bud Plant

"Impressive Alter Ego piece on the great Edmond Hamilton with some nice quotes from him about writing Superman, Batman and, of course, the Legion. But goodness me, SIX pages of footnotes! Who wants that?"

Martin Gray, reviewer/blogger, Too Dangerous For a Girl

I laughed at that last one because when I emailed Roy Thomas to let him know that the article was done, I was also concerned about the number of endnotes. I might've even suggested that they could be printed in teeny, tiny, type (hey, it was four years ago when I submitted it -- my memory is good, but it's not that good!) but he was okay with it. Turns out, Roy likes footnotes. I was also concerned about the length of the science fiction section since it's supposed to be a magazine about comics, but it was also heavy on Mort Weisinger, Julie Schwartz, and (to a lesser extent) Jerry Siegel and Ray Bradbury, so it was at least comic book adjacent.

Turns out, that didn't bother him, either. So that's why, outside of AE's regular features, the whole issue is a biography of Edmond Hamilton. It helps that Roy found it "...thorough and entertaining..." as well as "...masterful..." (which is how he described it in the issue itself), and I say that not to brag, but to try to convince you to buy it! I know there are lots of people out there who tell themselves they'll get around to it later, but then later never comes, so don't be left behind while all the cool kids are talking about Edmond Hamilton! Get your copy of Alter Ego # 187 today!

February 12, 2024

This is a healthy reminder that Alter Ego # 187 ships on April 17th, and while that may seem like a long way away, in comic book time, it's just around the corner! Also, TwoMorrows cuts its print runs close to the bone, so if you're thinking of purchasing it, it falls into the "now or never" category. There's no guarantee that copies will still be available months (let alone years) after publication, so if you want it, don't be passive and figure you'll get around to it someday because it most likely still won't be available then. There's even a preview of it online, and if you click the above picture, you can see a handful of pages from the main article itself. This is an unusual issue of Alter Ego in that, with the exception of its regular features, the entire issue is my article on Edmond Hamilton. That doesn't happen a lot, so if you think it's mostly bloat and your money won't go as far as it should, think again!

This is as close to a biography of Edmond Hamilton as the author is ever likely to receive, given how he's mostly forgotten today. If it wasn't for Legion of Super-Heroes fans, you might as well say he's completely forgotten since the science-fiction community doesn't seem to care about him anymore. So let's help keep the memory of arguably the most successful writer of the Golden Age of Science-Fiction alive, okay?

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