Part 1 - Legion of Super-Heroes

Originally serialized on Facebook, this is the story of how I almost got to assist legendary Legion of Super-Heroes author Jim Shooter when he returned to the series in 2008.

Twists and turns to follow!

Part 2 - Interact-O-Rama

Dark Horse Comics held a contest. I entered. I may or may not have won a t-shirt.

Features eight pages of a comic book story you've never read before (because it's never been published)!

Part 3 - Cthulhu Tales

Enough with the misses, it's time for a hit! The real life, true story of how I made my first comic book sale.

Guest starring Mark Waid and H.P. Lovecraft (sort of)!

Part 4 - Pennsylvania 6-5000

They say you're not a real writer until you've been paid. This is the story of the first time that money changed hands in my career, and it's not what you'd think!

Part 5 - 'Nuff Said

Travel back in time to the aughts to read the story of how Joe Quesada turned me down. Featuring many Marvel heroes and villains, plus writers and artists, too!

Part 6 - In A Far Away Land

The real life, true story of the first time I was published anywhere, ever, by anyone. With a twist at the end!