Glen Cadigan was born on the planet Earth in the second half of the Twentieth Century. He used to write non-fiction, but now he just makes things up. His previous work includes The Legion Companion, The Best of The Legion Outpost, and The Titans Companion Vols. 1 & 2. His stories have also appeared in Cthulhu Tales Omnibus: Madness, Cthulhu Tales Omnibus: Delirium, 49th Parallels: Alternative Canadian Histories and Futures, and other fine publications. His very first professional comic book sale, "One Of Those Days," was adapted into the live action film, Eldritch Code. In addition to the above, he also writes the ongoing series Bedlam & Belfry, Intergalactic Attorneys at Law and Tall Tales, Fairy Tales, and Bedtime Stories (For Former Children). When he isn't making fun of lawyers or being silly, he pursues more literary endeavours.